How to Send SMS
How to Send SMS Using URL Params

How to Send SMS Using URL Parameters

Send SMSes by making a HTTP GET request with the following:


Code Examples

curl -u


  • Username - This is the account id obtained by generating you API keys.
  • Password - This is the account secret obtained by generating you API keys.
  • Message - The message you intend to send to the recipient. Should be URL encoded.
  • Destination - Numbers to send to eg 254700000001. Do not include the plus symbol in the country code. If sending the same message to multiple recipients, the numbers can be comma-separated eg. 254700000001, 254700000002, 254700000003
  • Source - Sender ID for the message.
Example of a Successful Response

Status code: 201

	"success": true,
	"message": "Sent to 1/1. Cost KES 0.90",
	"recipients": [
			"id": "eb4647b2-2695-4aba-958e-0b39d965f6d0",
			"cost": 0.9,
			"number": "+254700000000",
			"status": "queued"