URL Authorization

URL Authorization

If you are integrating with the SMSLeopard API and you depend on a third-party implementation like an ERP, tracking software, etc. URL Parameter Authorization has been made available. In the URL parameter authorization, the API keys are sent as part of the request. They are sent in the URL Parameters as shown in the example below.{api_key}&password={api_secret}&message={intended_message}&destination={comma_separated_list}&source={sender_id}
  • username - The api_key from the API keys.
  • password - The api_secret from the API keys.

At no point should your account credentials be shared with a third-party. To ensure that they are kept secure, API keys can be generated and deleted if they are deemed to be compromised.


The API keys can only be used to send messages with the API but they can never be used to access your SMSLeopard account.