Generating API Keys

How to Generate API Keys

API keys are used to authenticate the user making requests to the SMSLeopard API.

Follow these steps to learn how you can generate (opens in a new tab) your API key

From the dashboard (opens in a new tab) menu click on the API icon

Click on the API icon from the navigation menu

Click on the Create API Key button under the Manage API Keys tab.

Create a new API Key

Name the API Key with a name that is meaningful to you and click Create.

Name the API Key appropriately


Note that API keys generated from the Sandbox environment will only be used to simulate requests to the API, which means that no messages will actually be sent.

Save the API access token in a secure location before proceeding.

Save the API Secret in a secure location and proceed

Click here (opens in a new tab) to generate your API Key


It is important to note that the API secret & access token will be displayed to you only once. In the event that you misplace or lose the API secret, you can generate a new key.